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Blueprint at University of Florida

Blueprint Summer Programs at University of Florida will give you a whole new perspective on life. You'll have the unique opportunity to explore one of the nations top ranked public universities, home to home to 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes. UF's location means that the (optional) Sunday trip will give students the chance to relax and have fun at Busch Gardens.

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Why Blueprint

You'll be going to college soon. For real. And with that comes independence, new opportunities and a whole lot of changes. From admissions to roommates, the Blueprint experience will help you handle it all.

Forget tests and homework. Instead, Blueprint has a personal, innovative and super-fun approach that takes you through the entire process, combining real-world, on-campus experience with practical guidance that actually prepares you for college, career and life, while making friends and having fun!

Explore your future career interests in an experiential, low-stress class room. Discover new, exciting cities – and learn how to navigate them safely and responsibly. They also cover the college selection, application and admissions process. Time management. Even how to get along with your roommate.

I would HIGHLY recommend Blueprint to any family looking for a personal, high-value summer college experience.


Blueprint allowed me to immerse myself in the college experience. I was taught by a real professor and lived in a dorm! I'm definitely more prepared now.

The staff at Blueprint was very kind and helpful over the phone, explaining all of the details. The camp was so positive my son has decided to apply to SU for fall 2011!

It is a great experience to meet new people and have fun learning about your favorite subject. There is nothing else like it.

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